Black Masque Expansion


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For use with Mixtape Massacre

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Back in Black! (Base Game Required for Use)

More Killer Scenes, More Bonus Tracks, New Slashers, New Event Cards, Death Pegs, and 2 New Challenge Dice. This game just got bigger and bloodier.

Recommended for ages 17+ / 2-6 players / 45+ Minutes
Download the PDF Rulebook

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What’s In The Box?


2 Challenge Dice
30 Death Pegs
25 Killer Scenes, Dude Cards
15 A-Bit of an Event Cards

15 Bonus Tracks
4 Death Tokens
2 New Slashers
2 Character Profile Cards

2 Special Ability Tokens
1 “The Beast” Character Piece
1 Rulebook
2 Quick Reference Cards

New Slashers

Two new slashers join the massacre along with a beastly new monster who can be unlocked by a unique ‘A-Bit of an Event’ card.

More Killer Scenes

Draw Challenge Cards forcing you to roll the new Challenge Dice vying for a kill, but sometimes activating other troubles.

It’s Time For An Event!

Activate the new ‘A-Bit of an Event’ cards changing the rules, adding side missions, and more for rounds at a time.

Death Cards

Brawl with Death in hopes of diffusing Death cards from over taking the board and ending the game with no winner.


Death Comes for Us All

Death makes a visit to the small town of Tall Oaks taking on the role of the main adversary. Best death with unique dice combinations or be dragged to your grave.

More Killer Gameplay

The Black Masque packs a punch with new slashers, enemies, and challenges. These components and more bring additional gameplay, and of course, more horror, gore, and wonderful eighties nostalgia to game night.


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