The Ultimate Horror Board Game!

Mixtape Massacre is a tabletop board game where up to 6 players play as slasher archetypes and compete in a fictional 1986 killing spree to be remembered. With tons of jokes and references to 1980’s pop-culture and horror tropes – Mixtape Massacre will have you laughing while you’re slashing!


Badass Slashers

Choose to play as one of 10 horror archetypes and compete against your pals.


Small Town Terror

Collect kill tokens as you roam the small town of Tall Oaks and stack your body count.

Classic Comedy

Hilarious laughs with 80’s pop-culture references and classic horror tropes.


Kills & Thrills

Special ability tokens, chance cards, and alternate scenarios keep you on the edge of your seat.

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What’s in the box?

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One 20 x 20 inch game board

Immerse yourself in the town of Tall Oaks. This fully illustrated game board features 12 locations, allowing for multiple opportunities for slashing victims left and right, as well as sewer shortcuts to move through the town quicker, Bonus track spaces to activate chance cards, and a Reanimation Station for when you’re running low on health. So make your way around the town and collect those souvenirs.

40 Unique “Killer Scene, Dude” cards

Each card is uniquely illustrated and offers players the chance to attack victims or defend themselves from ones who fight back. Determine what kind of card it is and follow the upper right icon commands to defend yourself or attack your victim. There’s even a special ‘Survivor’ card in the deck to keep things interesting.

Bonus Tracks Cards

30 “Bonus Track” cards

Designed as old school mixtapes, as you move around the town, some spaces will unlock these chance cards for you! Each card can either hurt you or help you. Some you can even keep for when the time is right to use it.

Souvenir / Scene Marker Tokens

60 Double-sided souvenir tokens

Nothing like starting the perfect collection. These scene markers are placed in each location during play. Roll for a successful kill and you collect the scene markers, turn it over and you start to rack up the body count. Tokens are continually replenished as the game continues until the player acquires the total needed… or kills off the rest of the competition/players.

1 Movement Dice / 3 Action Dice

1 Movement Dice / 3 Action Dice

Use the 1 Red Standard Dice to travel the streets of Tall Oaks. As you make kills and progress, the movement dice double while you’re on Killing Sprees. The Action Dice come into play when attacking or defending yourself against victims. Some combinations rolled can even hurt your opponents. Action dice can also be used in Brawls with your fellow slashers.

Character Lineup

10 Die-cut standup Character pieces

We kept it old school with these stand up character pieces. You have 10 slashers to choose from, each with their own special ability and plastic stand. Choose wisely and become the baddest of the brood.

Profile Cards

10 Character profile cards

Get to know your favorite slasher! Learn their backstory, their soundtrack of choice, and their special ability.

Special Ability Tokens

10 Special Ability Tokens

These tokens are specific to each character. Check the icon on your character’s profile card and learn their special ability in the rule book. Each character’s special ability can be used once during play.

Knife Player Station

6 Die-cut Butcher knife player stations / 36 Life Pegs

If you want to be a slasher, it’s only fair that you have the tools to play as one. Each player station is a die-cut knife with a slot for your character profile card and six holes in the handle to keep track of your health.

There are 6 red health pegs per player. The pegs go into the holes on the handle of your player station and keep record of your health throughout the game.


One Rule Book

Know the rules. Play the game. This 8 page, full-color instruction manual helps you understand the mechanics of the game, the character’s special abilities, and alternate game play modes.

REMIXXX! We also provide 3 alternate game scenarios to keep game night interesting! Hunting Party, There Can Only Be One, and How To Make a Monster, providing you with new ways to play when you want something different from the standard rules.

Videos and Playlist

Gameplay Walkthrough

Join Freddie and Merrijoy (2 of 3 creators) as well as their guests Liz and Sean as they take you for a visit to the small town of Tall Oaks.

Setting Up Your Player Station

A quick tutorial for anyone new to Mixtape Massacre.

What People Are Saying

Always nice to hear killer comments from folks in the industry.

The Playlist

Get your groove on with the Mixtape Massacre Spotify Playlist.