Note: A quick note concerning a factory error / misprint. The Jones Asylum Final Scene Card (red background) states to place your Final Rescue token in the Tall Oaks Church location. This is incorrect. Like all the other Final Scenes, the location should match the title on the card. Therefore in this case, the Final Rescue token should be placed in Jones Asylum. We apologize for this error.

Successful Rescue: There’s no sprees in this game like in the original Mixtape Massacre, right?

No. Once your turn is over, your turn is over, successful rescue or not.


Yes. You move the entire amount rolled. The only time you do not need to move the entire amount rolled is when it comes to locations. If you roll a 6, but only need 3 to land in a location, that’s all you need to make it in, and can stop.

Again, no stopping to land on Bonus Tracks or to land on the Reanimation Station. You must roll the exact amount needed to land on these spaces.

The only time you do not need to move the amount you’ve rolled is if you land in a location.Example if you need to move 2 spaces to land in a location, but roll 4, obviously you’d only need to move the 2 spaces to be in, and would disregard the additional number rolled.

Searching: Can you Search the same location twice?

Not in a row. If you search a location, you’ll need to search another location before you return and search that location.

If you roll a Denied icon or Noise icon when searching, it still counts as a search, and you must leave and search another location before returning.

Only with a Flashlight can you search a location multiple times in a row, if desired.

Searching: Do I have to perform a Search when I successfully complete a Rescue or Task?

The Free Search is a bonus. If you feel the search won’t benefit you when you complete a Task or Successful Rescue, it is your choice to not perform the search and draw a card from the Supply deck.

Zero Health: If I lose all my health what happens to my player and cards?

If a player loses all their health pegs, they are dead. Their Supply cards and Bonus Tracks cards are moved to their appropriate discard piles. If the player is holding a Task card, that card is returned to the Tall Oaks Rec Center.

Invaders Card: If the Invaders Card is drawn and the player loses, but Tasks 1, 2, and 3 have been completed, is Task 1 still reset?

Yes. If a player loses to the Invaders Card at any point in the game before all tasks have been completed, the Task 1 card is returned to the Rec Center and must be completed again before any other tasks are attempted/completed.

Keep in mind, only Task 1 is reset. Task 2 and 3 are still completed.

Invaders Card: What if this card is drawn after all Tasks have been completed?

If all Tasks have been completed, then the only effects this card would have would be loss of health or rescue tokens.

The Sucko Power Plant Task would remain completed.

Supply Cards: Can a supply card (weapon or defense) be used to roll triplets?

No. Although Supply Cards can be used to add action points, defense points, and escape points to a roll, they do not qualify as rolling Triplets if combined with a roll. Triplets can only be achieved through rolling the dice.

Supply Cards: When using a supply card during a Killer Scenes, Dude card, if I defeat the card with a supply, do I still need to roll the action dice?

No. When completing a Killer Scenes, Dude card or fighting a Slasher, if you’re able to win with just a supply card, there is no need to roll the Action Dice.

However, if you do decide to roll the Action dice in conjunction with the supply card you used and roll Triplets, then you would follow the directions associated with the Triples you rolled. This would also mean you just wasted your supply.

Don’t be that guy/gal.

Supply Cards: What if I have a garbage pail lid or a flashlight? Do those count as weapons?

These are not considered weapons. If you’re holding one of these, you cannot fight slashers nor can you complete rescues when attempting Killer Scenes, Dude cards or Final Scenes, Dude cards. Supply cards marked with a red background are weapons.

Supply Cards: If I have two supply cards and I draw a First Aid Kit, can I use it right then rather than burying it or one of my other supply cards?

Yes. If you are at capacity with your inventory, but draw a First Aid Kit, you have the opportunity to use it then, and not sacrifice any of your current supply cards.

Task Cards: Can a player discard a Task Card?

Yes. If a player draws a Supply card then want to keep and decide to discard a Task card, the card is returned to the Rec Center for someone else to acquire.

The same occurs if a player holding a Task card dies. The card would return to the Rec Center for someone else to acquire.

Task Cards: Can player steal a Task Card with the Traitor Card?

Yes. A player can steal any supply of their choice from another player if its in another players inventory. If a player is currently holding a Task card, a player can steal it.

This is definitely beneficial when a player who is behind is holding on to a Task card to slow down other players progress.

Task Cards: How do you interfere with a player who is holding a Task card but not completing in order to slow down everyone else progress?

There are two ways to deal with this. The first way is to acquire a Traitor card from the Supply deck and use it to steal the Task card from their inventory.

The other way, if the player is becoming a hindrance to the entire table, is to scuffle with that player. After enough scuffles, either the player will get the point and complete the Task, OR, they will die and the Task card will be returned to the Tall Oaks Rec Center.

No Weapon: If a player doesn’t have a weapon but they roll triple Action points, does it not count because they don’t have a weapon?

No, it does not count. If a player does not have a weapon in their inventory, they’re unable to perform actions during Killer Scenes, Dude cards and when fighting slashers. Only defense points and escape points will count when they roll.

Final Scenes Card: When collecting the 5 rescue tokens, do they need to be 5 different tokens (i.e. 3D Glasses, Walkman, etc)

No. Those icons/decorations are just for fun and theme. You could have five identical rescue tokens and it would still count.

Although… if you ever wanted a fun, alternate way of playing, this wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Final Scenes Card: If a player has already achieved their five rescue tokens and flipped their Final Scenes, Dude card, but then lose a rescue token, is their card flipped back over?

No. Once the Final Scene Card has been flipped, rescue tokens no longer have any influence on your progress.

Playing with 2 Players: If one of the players dies during the game, does the other player win?

No. The only way to win Escape from Tall Oaks is to actually Escape from Tall Oaks.

That said, let’s be real, if you’re playing with 2 people and one of the players die, you’re probably going to want to restart with both players and attempt to escape again… unless you love playing with yourself.

Let’s be a little more real… if you’re playing by yourself with multiple monsters and slashers coming after just you, you’re probably going to die too.

Rec Center Location: Let’s say your roll a 12, but you only need 6 to get into the Rec Center. Can you grab a Task and continue moving with the other 6 from your roll?

No. Much like moving into any location, once you’re in and have completed an action (in this case, acquiring a Task Card) your turn is over. On your next turn you can begin your trek to complete the Task.

Special Abilities: Can a special ability be used to roll triplets?

No. Although Special Abilities can be used to add defense points and escape points to a roll, they do not qualify as rolling Triplets if combined with a roll. Triplets can only be achieved through rolling the dice.