Do I have to move the entire amount rolled with my dice, or can I stop early?

This rule HAS NOT changed since the base games release…

Yes. You have to move the entire amount rolled. The only time you do not need to move the entire amount rolled is when it comes to locations. If you roll a 6, but only need 3 to land in a location, that’s all you need to make it in and can stop.

Again, no stopping to land on Bonus Tracks spaces or to land on the Reanimation Station. You must roll the exact amount needed to land on these spaces.

Dead Man’s Party Event: Does every player need to roll 2 pentagrams on the Dead Man’s Party Event to Cancel the card, or just one player?

To cancel the event, it’s up to ONE player to successfully roll 2 Pentagrams in the Tall Oaks Cemetery, but all players should be making an attempt to stop the card, because if the card is not cancelled, the game is over for everyone.

Event Cards: What does it mean when it says Scene Marker Must Be Cleared?

This applies to Event cards such as Monster Mash and Town Curfew. It means in order to hide in the location for safety, the location must be empty, and therefore that means there CANNOT be a Scene Marker/Souvenir occupying the location.

So if you land in a location with a Scene Marker/Souvenir, before you can occupy it, you must defeat a Killer Scene card and collect the Souvenir.

Death Cards: If the death card contains an Engage Icon, how do you achieve this combination?

When a death card contains an Engage Icon (example, Enjoy the Silence) you would not only roll the 3 Action Dice, but also the 2 Challenge Dice in hopes of achieving the combination on the card. Event Icons and Declined Icons have no effect when rolling on a Death Card.

Death Cards: If I have a Bonus Track that adds a Knife to my roll, can I use this to achieve the combination needed on a Death Card?

Yes. You can add this card to your roll to achieve a Knife needed on a Death Card combination.

Death Cards: When rolling all 5 dice, if one of my challenge dice turns up an event icon, do I activate an event?

No. Event Icons and Declined Icons have no effect when rolling on a Death Card. You are only rolling those dice during Death Cards in the hopes of achieving the combination required on the card.

Death Cards: If the Death Card I draw requires sacrificing a souvenir token and I roll and I fail, do I still sacrifice the souvenir?

No. If you fail the roll, you would hold on to your souvenir token.

Events: If an Event combination is rolled on the challenge dice, does the player remain in the location to try for the souvenir on their next turn?

Yes. Unless the event states otherwise, the player remains in the location and can try for the souvenir on their next turn.

Note: The quick reference card has an error stating otherwise. Please ignore.

Buddy’s Special Ability and New Cards: How would Buddy’s Special Ability work with cards like The Final Girl and Death Cards?

Buddy’s Special Ability: Dolly’s Pardon – This ability allows the player to cancel a brawl immediately when it’s initiated, OR, allows the player to avoid damage inflicted by a Killer Scene card he’s Defending himself from, i.e. the player draws a Killer Scene that immediately inflicts damage, OR the player is unable to roll the required amount to defend themselves. In either case, if the player has their ability and uses it, they avoid the damage.

Therefore, the FINAL GIRL card CAN NOT be avoided with this ability as you are technically not defending yourself, you are attacking, and if you fail, she rocks your world.

BUT, the damage dealt by a Death Card can be avoided with this ability. However, the Death Card would still be Activated and Buddy would still return to the nearest starting point, just without taking damage/acquiring Death Pegs.

Brawling with Challenge Dice: When brawling, do both players get to use the challenge dice to defend themselves?

YES. The player currently attacking during the brawl will roll the Action Dice like normal, while the opposing player will roll the challenge dice. For every Declined Icon rolled on the Challenge Dice, you will cancel one of the Knives rolled by the player attacking.

Then you exchange dice and switch roles and continue this way, like a usual brawl, to see which player rolls the most knives, or triplets first.

Full Moon Event: If I’ve become the beast and I am on a killing spree, does every turn I take during the spree count as a round of the event?

NO. When you’re on a killing spree that just means your turn continues, therefore your turn has not ended until the spree ends. A round means everyone has taken their turn. So if you’re on a killing spree while you’re the Beast, you should be doing pretty awesome.