[wolf_testimonials_start][wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Ryan Turek, Shockwaves Podcast”]Total fun, highly addictive, & a love letter to horror.[/wolf_testimonial_slide][wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Adam Frazier, Geeks of Doom”]Vintage VHS-Inspired Violence at it’s best![/wolf_testimonial_slide][wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Scott Wampler, Birth. Movies. Death.”]The most fun you can have killing your friends without actually killing your friends.[/wolf_testimonial_slide][wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Nerd Fu”]Cheering for the bad guy has never been so much fun.[/wolf_testimonial_slide][wolf_testimonial_slide cite=”Meredith Borders, Fangoria”]It’s rare that a love letter to nostalgia can feel this fresh and exciting.[/wolf_testimonial_slide][wolf_testimonials_end]