Sleigher Booster Pack

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For use with Mixtape Massacre, MM: Director’s Cut, and Escape from Tall Oaks

“Rotten! Rotten souls, all of them,” a voice kept whispering to Bruce as he sat there in his Santa outfit awaiting the excited children of Tall Oaks Mall. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t shake this feeling something was coming over him. As the kids came and went, the voice got louder and louder. Suddenly a local girl screamed, “Look! Santa has horns!” It was too late. Bruce was gone and in his place, was something feral…

1 New Slasher character piece
1 Character profile card
1 Special Ability Token (unique to the character)
3 New “Killer Scenes, Dude” cards themed to the character
1 Special Ability reference card
1 Slasher Profile card (for use with Escape From Tall Oaks)

Note: Red Stands not included with booster pack. Use stands included with base game.


Cards Included in the Booster

Killer Scenes, Dude (3)

Watch out for the yellow snow, kiddos!
All poles point north…
Well, you’re about to make the naughty list…