Scarlett Booster Pack


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For use with Mixtape Massacre and Escape from Tall Oaks

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Never ride in cars with strange boys… and never follow said boys into the caves. Sadly, Scarlett was never one for the rules and after a night in the caves of Tall Oaks, she awoke with a nasty hickey and a horrible aversion to sunlight. She should have sought help, but as night fell, she developed an insatiable hunger. So she went out for a BITE…

1 New Slasher character piece
1 Character profile card
1 Special Ability Token (unique to the character)
3 New “Killer Scenes, Dude” cards themed to the character
1 Special Ability reference card
1 Slasher profile card for use with Escape from Tall Oaks

Note: Red Stands not included with booster pack. Use stands included with base game.