Mixtape Massacre: DC Wholesale (5 Copies)


Mixtape Massacre: Director’s Cut Wholesale Box
One box contains 5 copies of Mixtape Massacre: Director’s Cut the Base Game at wholesale cost.
For retailers only.

• Minimum order is one box (5 units) of Mixtape Massacre: Director’s Cut the base game
• Cost per unit is $28.00 / Retail MSRP is $49.99
• Games are sold in quantities of 5
• You may purchase more than one box (5 units) by adding to the quantity
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What’s In The Box?


66 Scene Markers / Souvenir Tokens
50 “Killer Scenes, Dude” Cards
40 Supply Cards
36 Health Pegs
30 “Bonus Tracks” Cards
20 Supply Tracker Tokens

10 Slasher Profile Cards
10 Slasher Character Pieces with Stands
10 Special Ability Tokens
6 Knife Player Stations
3 Hero Character Pieces with Stands
3 Hero Profile Cards

3 Action Dice
2 Standard D6
1 Search Die
1 Hero Tracker with Token
1 Tall Oaks Game Board
1 Rulebook


Badass Slashers

Choose to play as one of 10 slasher archetypes and compete against your pals.

Small Town Terror

Collect kill tokens as you roam the small town of Tall Oaks and stack your body count.

Classic Comedy

The kills and jokes keep coming with the flip of every card, keeping you laughing and slashing all night.

Kills & Thrills

Special ability tokens, chance cards, and alternate scenarios keep you on the edge of your seat.

Sharpen Your Knives

If you want to be a slasher, it’s only fair that you have the tools to play as one. Each station is a die-cut knife with slots for your character profile card and health pegs.

Killer Scenes, Dude!

Draw from tons of uniquely illustrated horror scenes giving players the chance to attack victims or defend themselves from the ones who fight back.

Last Man Standing

Battle and brawl with your fellow slashers to be the last man standing and earn the title as the baddest of the brood!


Game Night Goes Gore

Mixtape Massacre is a simple, fun, and easy-to-approach tabletop game with both retro and modern day mechanics, making it a cinch to get your game nights started.

Dripping with Nostalgia

Every card and piece of the game is splattered with 80’s jokes, horror tropes, and pop-culture references making it a blast to not only catch some victims, but also some jokes.