Lockdown Expansion Wholesale (6 Copies)


Lockdown Expansion × 6

For use with Mixtape Massacre, MM: Director's Cut, and Escape from Tall Oaks

The Law has come to town...

Head back into town with this double-barreled blast of an expansion adding new characters, components, and mechanics to both Mixtape Massacre and Escape From Tall Oaks.

$14.00 each

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Lockdown Expansion Wholesale Box
One box contains 6 copies of Lockdown expansion pack at wholesale cost.
For retailers only.

• Minimum order is one box (6 units) of Lockdown Expansion
• Expansions are sold in quantities of 6
• You may purchase more than one box (6 units) by adding to the quantity
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What’s In The Box?


1 Sheriff Burton Character Piece
1 Burton Profile Card
1 Hero Card
1 Hero Tracker & Token
1 Search Die

1 Anonymous Character Piece
1 Anonymous Profile Card
1 Final Scene Token
10 Sidetracks Cards
12 Supply Tracker Tokens

40 Slasher Supply Cards
18 Survivor Supply Cards
2 Task Cards
1 Rulebook
1 Quick Reference Card

Here Comes A Hero!

Drop Sheriff Burton into the mix as one of your main survivors in Escape From Tall Oaks or make him your main adversary in Mixtape Massacre.

Armed To The Teeth

Arm your Slashers by searching nearby locations to find various weapons and supplies to increase your chances at getting kills.

Getting Sidetracked

Draw new ‘Sidetracks’ cards that change the rules, add side missions, and even more new challenges for rounds at a time.

A Copycat Is Among Us

Become the killer and wreak havoc among your friends as you stalk them through town, attempting to cancel their escape.