Invasion Expansion


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For use with Escape from Tall Oaks

They’ve  Arrived…

Fight back against monstrous invaders, a government cover-up, and old foes in this brand new expansion for Escape From Tall Oaks.

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What’s In The Box?


1 Rulebook
25 New Killer Scenes, Dude Cards
10 Sidetracks Cards
10 Supply Cards
4 U.F.O. Tokens

4 Slasher Characters
4 Slasher Profile Cards
1 Invader Queen Character
1 Invader Queen Profile Card

2 Survivor Characters
2 Survivor Character Profile Cards
2 Final Rescue Tokens
1 Slasher Profile Card + Ability Token for use with Mixtape Massacre

Cards Included in the Expansion

Killer Scenes, Dude (25)

He’s looking a bit stretched…
Better make that slice to go, bro!
Are you really trying to do this right now?
We are never getting this cleaned up.
Laundry day. The worst.
Beat on the bat…
Time to wake up!
Nobody f***s with the band!
Time to break the ice…
You might want to turn that down…
Wait! We’re not one of them!
Oh Nooo! Now way mom is going to believe that’s fruit punch…
The Cover Up
A bit toasty in here…
Damn the man!
Laser beams. Could it get any worse?
This is like being back in gym glass…
These ain’t your average nightcrawler…
Think I can catch it?
Occupied – Fill ‘Em All Gas Station
Occupied – Tall Oaks Police Dept.
Occupied – Sucko Power Plant
Occupied – WKIL Radio Station
Occupied – Quick-E-Mart
Occupied – Tall Oaks Cemetery

Supplies (10)

Getting sidetracked… (x5)
Common Cold

Sidetracks (10)

Double Impact
Feeding Time
Town Curfew
The Egg Hunt
Bunker Down
Y Control
The T.O.A.D.S.
The Takeover
The Breakout