Invasion Expansion Wholesale (6 Copies)


Invasion Expansion Wholesale Box
One box contains 6 copies of Invasion expansion pack at wholesale cost.
For retailers only.

• Minimum order is one box (6 units) of Lockdown Expansion
• Expansions are sold in quantities of 6
• You may purchase more than one box (6 units) by adding to the quantity
FREE SHIPPING on all wholesale orders 🙂



What’s In The Box?


1 Rulebook
25 New Killer Scenes, Dude Cards
10 Sidetracks Cards
10 Supply Cards
4 U.F.O. Tokens

4 Slasher Characters
4 Slasher Profile Cards
1 Invader Queen Character
1 Invader Queen Profile Card

2 Survivor Characters
2 Survivor Character Profile Cards
2 Final Rescue Tokens
1 Slasher Profile Card + Ability Token for use with Mixtape Massacre