Hallow’s Eve Expansion Wholesale (6 Copies)


Hallow's Eve Expansion × 6

For use with Mixtape Massacre or Mixtape Massacre: Director's Cut

Rotten. Rotten souls, all of them...

The Scare returns to Tall Oaks, hungrier and more powerful than ever, fueled by an ancient evil known only as "the Rotting." He has come to convert or destroy everything in his path, and with this evil spilling out into the town, the rotting has birthed even more tricks and treats lurking in the shadows. Get ready, slashers. Hallow's Eve has has begun.

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Hallow’s Eve Expansion Wholesale Box
One box contains 6 copies of Hallow’s Eve expansion pack at wholesale cost.
For retailers only.

• Minumum order is one box (6 units) of Hallow’s eve expansion pack
• Expansions are sold in quantities of 6
• You may purchase more than one box (6 units) by adding to the quantity
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What’s In The Box?


1 Rulebook
1 Search Die
1 The Scare Character
1 The Scare Profile Card
1 Spawn Profile Card

1 Tracker + Token
2 Slasher Characters
2 Slasher Profile Cards
2 Special Ability Tokens
3 Spawn Characters

7 Red Stands
12 Killer Scenes, Dude Cards
12 Supply Tracker Tokens
20 Supply Cards

Bonus: 2 Slasher Profile Cards included for use with Escape from TallOaks