Bad Dad Booster Pack


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For use with Mixtape Massacre, MM: Director’s Cut, and Escape from Tall Oaks

After making a “killing” on Wall Street, Joe decided it was time to take a break from big city life and settle down. Within a year of his arrival to Tall Oaks, Joe met Gwen and her two daughters and decided maybe he’d take a stab at family life. Three months into the marriage, family life quickly grew dull, and Joe was itching to have some fun again. It was time for a night on the town… right after he put Gwen and the kids to bed.

1 New Slasher character piece
1 Character profile card
1 Special Ability Token (unique to the character)
3 New “Killer Scenes, Dude” cards themed to the character
1 Special Ability reference card
1 Slasher profile card for use with Escape from Tall Oaks

Note: Red Stands not included with booster pack. Use stands included with base game.