Bad Dad Booster Pack


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For use with Mixtape Massacre, MM: Director’s Cut, and Escape from Tall Oaks

After making a “killing” on Wall Street, Joe decided it was time to take a break from big city life and settle down. Within a year of his arrival to Tall Oaks, Joe met Gwen and her two daughters and decided maybe he’d take a stab at family life. Three months into the marriage, family life quickly grew dull, and Joe was itching to have some fun again. It was time for a night on the town… right after he put Gwen and the kids to bed.

1 New Slasher character piece
1 Character profile card
1 Special Ability Token (unique to the character)
3 New “Killer Scenes, Dude” cards themed to the character
1 Special Ability reference card
1 Slasher profile card for use with Escape from Tall Oaks

Note: Red Stands not included with booster pack. Use stands included with base game.


Cards Included in the Booster

Killer Scenes, Dude (3)

Lady in red…
Time to shred!
Honey I’m home…