General Questions

How many people can play?

Mixtape Massacre can be played with a minimum of 2 players and up to a maximum of 6. Like most games, for optimal play we recommend 3 or more players for variety.

How long does a game generally take?

Depending on the amount of players, gameplay usually runs anywhere from 45-90 minutes. The more people playing, the longer the game will last.

What is gameplay like?

Mixtape Massacre is a casual board game that is easy to learn and fun to play. The basic premise of the game is a roll and move style with chance cards, dice rolls, and bits of strategy throughout. The main feature being our 40 unique “Killer Scenes, Dude” cards that present scenarios that are both classic horror tropes and 1980’s and 90’s nostalgia.

What are the rules?

Like any good horror film – there are rules! You can download the complete rulebook by clicking below:

Download The Rulebook
How do I win the game?

There are two ways the game can end during regular play:

  1. Last man standing – Only one player is left standing and all of the other players have died.
  2. Collect all tokens – The first player to collect the winning amount of tokens ( varies depending on amount of players) wins the game. The rulebook has suggested amounts of tokens for different amounts of players.

There are different ways to play with the 3 alternate modes of play included in the rulebook.

Do you Ship Internationally?

Currently we only ship our game in the continental U.S. due to the fact that we are a small, independent, publisher and international rates are very expensive for customers. If you are adamant about getting your hands on the game and live outside of the U.S., shoot us an email at and we can discuss options.

Are there expansions for the game?

Yes! Our first official expansion, The Black Masque, was successfully funded on Kickstarter July 21, 2017 and is available in our store.

Gameplay Questions

Is there a play through video for the game?

Yes. You can watch a play through of the game on our YOUTUBE Channel.

Can you move forward and backward on the same turn?

Example: Roll a 6 and move 4 forward, 1 back, and 1 forward to land on the 4th space.

NO. You CAN NOT move forward and backward on the same turn. Once you roll and start moving in a direction, you must continue in that direction during the turn. You can move to the left and right, but never back onto the same space, nor in the opposite direction you began moving. On your next turn you can move backward (or the opposite direction) but again, once you start moving in that direction, you cannot change directions until your next turn.

This most commonly occurs when people are trying to land on Bonus Track spaces or the Regeneration Station. You must move the exact spaces needed to land on these spaces.

Do I have to move the entire number rolled on my dice, or can I stop early?

Yes. You move the entire amount rolled. The only time you do not need to move the entire amount rolled is when it comes to locations. If you roll a 6, but only need 3 to land in a location, that’s all you need to make it in, and can stop.

Again, no stopping to land on Bonus Tracks or to land on the Reanimation Station. You must roll the exact amount needed to land on these spaces.

The only time you do not need to move the amount you’ve rolled is if you land in a location. Example if you need to move 2 spaces to land in a location, but roll 4, obviously you’d only need to move the 2 spaces to be in, and would disregard the additional number rolled.

Rolling Triples - Does rolling triples apply to cards when you're defending?

NO. Triples (3 fists, 3 knives, 3 pentagrams) only have an effect during cards that allow you to ATTACK victims. Triples DO NOT apply to cards when you’re DEFENDING against a victim.

BONUS TRACKS Cards - When to Keep and Discard

If a card tells you to “KEEP THIS CARD…” to use when needed, i.e. Sequel Card, Extra Knife, etc., these cards are only kept until used. Once used during a turn, they must be discarded to the bury pile.

They ARE NOT in your possession for the entire game.

BONUS TRACKS Cards - When a Bonus Track takes you to a location, i.e. Wishing Well, are you in the location or at the entrance?
If you draw a Bonus Track that takes you to a location, you are in the location.

If there is another person in the location, you brawl before you have a chance at the souvenir, just as if you rolled to land in the location.

If there is a souvenir in the location, you get to try for it by drawing a Killer Scenes, Dude card, just as if you rolled to land in the location.

BONUS TRACKS Cards - Do I have to use my extra knife Bonus Track before I roll?

NO. You can roll and see if you can achieve what is needed, and if you don’t hit the knives required/needed, you can then use your extra knife card. This applies to both Brawls and Killer Scenes. You can use it when you need it in a brawl or when you’re attacking a victim, but if you roll enough, save it for next time. You’ll probably need it 😉

BONUS TRACKS Cards - Can I use my Extra Knife Bonus Track to get triplets?

NO. You CAN NOT achieve triples, except when rolling. You can use it to reach three knives (for example to win a brawl) but you do not get rewarded with the same effect that you would if you rolled 3 knives.

The same goes for Killer Scenes. You WILL NOT be rewarded with additional souvenirs if you use your extra knife Bonus Track for triplets,  as you can only achieve triplets by rolling them. In essence you’d be wasting your knife because no kill requires 3 knives.

Can you move diagonally?

No, you CAN NOT move diagonally. This is not real life. It’s a board game.

Left, Right, Forward, or Backward. But never Forward and Backward on the same turn.

Do I need to roll the exact number to land in a location?

No, you do not need to roll the exact number to land in a location, i.e. Roadhouse Bar, Tall Oaks High School, Wishing Well, Diamond Lake, etc. You only need to roll enough to land in the location.

That said, YOU MUST land in the location.

If I land on the arrow-entrance space of a location, do I slide into the location?

No, you DO NOT slide into the location. You are not Michael Jackson. This is not Moonwalker.

The entrance space with arrow does not count as being in the location, nor does it allow you to slide into the location. That is only there to alert the player as to where they can enter/exit the location. You must roll enough to land in the location.

If you fail to kill a victim on a card, does the card get discarded or does it stay at the location for the next person who lands in that location?

If you fail to kill the victim, that card goes to the bury pile, and you go to the nearest starting point (marked with a knife). The player who lands in that location next would draw a new card from the Killer Scenes, Dude .

If I roll enough to land on the sewer, do I get to warp to the next sewer of my choosing?

If it takes you 2 spaces to get to the sewer, and you roll a 3, you would land on the sewer, then warp, then get to move one more space. The warp does not count as a space.

But if you only rolled 2, you would land on the sewer and then would wait until your next turn to warp, once you’ve rolled additional spaces.

If I die, am I out of the game?

Yes. So is life. If you die, you’re dead…

Unless you have a Bonus Track card that can resurrect you (the Sequel Card) or a character with a resurrection ability (i.e. Stitches has the “Hard to Kill Ability”). Other wise, Fade to black. Roll credits. No sequel.

Do you have to move every turn?

Unless you’re in a location and drawing another Killer Scene, Dude card, you must always move. Killers don’t wait around. Killers hunt. 

I'm next to a starting point and someone is occupying it. Do we brawl?

No. You CAN NOT brawl with people on starting points (knife spaces).