The Pack

The Power is gone. WKIL is off air. Gas is low. And the Police Station is a blood bath. It’s time for a new plan.

The Get to the Van Pack is a new game mode for Escape From Tall Oaks that offers players an alternate route of escape. Work together searching the town, finding the needed items to get the Tall Oaks Rec Center van working again. Fight off slashers, rescue your friends, and get ready to put the pedal to the metal!

Pre-Order with Exclusives Coming September 2021. Q3 Release.

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A New Plan

A New Survivor

Meet Cherry, a badass derby girl ready to roll through anyone who gets in her way.

A New Quest

Search locations to find the 4 items needed to get the van working and unlock your new escape route.

Old Fiends

As certain items are found slashers will emerge to stop you dead in your tracks.


1 New Survivor (Cherry)
1 Character Profile Card

1 Final Rescue Token
1 Van Token

4 Supply Cards
4 Van Item Tokens

1 Rule Card

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Escape From Tall Oaks

Mixtape Massacre: Escape from Tall Oaks is a meta-cooperative game where 2 to 6 players attempt to escape the maddening streets of Tall Oaks by fighting off slashers, rescuing residents, and safeguarding the town in hopes of getting the hell outta town…or die trying. Though working together at times, in the end only one survivor will escape.