Thank you for being a part of the Mixtape Massacre: Director’s Cut Kickstarter campaign! We’re excited to have you.

International orders are open to UK, EU, Australia and Canada.

Below, please find a revised form that should have all current offerings from the campaign as well as products from our online store. We’ve also provided estimated shipping costs.

First, choose your pledge level, then choose any add-on products you would like to attach to your total pledge. Your total cost will be provided at the bottom of this form as well as our policy for deposit and shipping.

Please note, shipping will be charged at a later time and we do not cover VAT taxes, taxes, or customs. Those costs are the responsibility of the customer.

International Orders will close April 23rd. You have until then to complete your order and make your payment.

Kickstarter International Form

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    Shipping Estimates from 5lb - 20lb packages. Note: A custom quote order will be sent to you closer to fulfillment.

    Examples of Packages:
    5lb Package: Director's Cut
    10lb Package: I Want It All
    20lb Package: Everything

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