The Director's Cut

As we enter the 5th Anniversary since the release of the original Mixtape Massacre, we are excited to announce a brand new 2nd Edition of the game, full of additions and updates we know our fans will love.


Coming to Kickstarter March 2021

What's in the Box?

Updated Mechanics

Revised rules and new mechanics for better gameplay

Updated Profile Cards

New profile cards with more balanced special abilities

Plastic Knives

New knives with screen printed graphics for extra durability

A New Hero

A brand new hero enters the world of Tall Oaks, out for revenge on the slashers

New Scene Tokens

New scene tokens that offer surprising consquences when flipped over

R-Rated Deleted Scenes

Gory, dirty, and most importantly, hilarious new killer scenes

Updated bonus tracks

New tricks and treats await as you make your way through the town

Updated dice combos

Enhancing gameplay during kills, defenses, brawls, and fights

And more...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Second Edition?

It's been 5 years since the games initial release, and as we've received feedback from fans, and as the creators, we're continually playing and tinkering with the game, it feels like the right time to make these updates. We're also going to be reprinting the game, so it's an even more perfect time.

Will there be an upgrade kit?

Unfortunately, no. As more than 70% of the game is being revised, providing a custom upgrade kit would almost equate to the cost of buying a brand new game.

Will my current expansions and games work with this second edition?

All expansions and Escape from Tall Oaks will still be compatible with the second edition of Mixtape Massacre. There will even be some new features that will take even more advantage of those expansions and their components.

Will the Kickstarter have offerings for people who don't want the Director's Cut?

Yes. If you decide not to pledge for the Director's Cut, we will also be offering other pledge levels and add-ons, such as Mixtape Massacre Minis (10), Kickstarter exclusive cards, and a Halloween-themed expansion.

When will the Kickstarter launch?

The Kickstarter will be launching March 2021. An exact date for the campaign will be revealed soon. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed!

How can I help?

The biggest help as fans would be spreading the word and showing up DAY ONE for what is bound to be our biggest Kickstarter yet!

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