Making Monsters

Mixtape Massacre is a passion project for the three of us, heavily inspired by the horror genre and decade we love.

It’s been a blast for the team at Bright Light to bring this to life and see how much joy and nostalgia it brings to fans alike.

Bright Light is an award winning creative agency founded in 2011 by Freddie Carlini and Matt Corrado. Bright Light has worked with several iconic brands and businesses before Kickstarting their own product in 2015 with the launch of Mixtape Massacre.

Bright Light is compiled of a tight knit team of designers, developers, creators, and insomniacs who love what we do and are passionate about each project we take on. Design is in our DNA. In a combined 30 plus years of experience, we have had the pleasure of working with clients ranging from start-ups to fortune 500’s and everything in between.

We’re also avid horror film fanatics, art junkies, hardcore gamers, and last but not least… 80’s kids. We’ve been grateful to have had the opportunity to bring Mixtape Massacre to life and keep our customers and friends laughing while they’re slashing.

Bright Light is: Freddie Carlini, Matt Corrado, and Merrijoy Vicente