Rolling to Die: 5 Horror Board Games Worth Your Time

Mixtape Massacre is a love letter to all things 80s horror, and, perhaps, the most accessible game on this list for tabletop newbs. The board is a representation for the town of Tall Oaks, which happens to have a serious serial-slasher problem. You get to slip on the mask of your favorite screen villian (or at least a non-copywritten facsimile) from a little red headed doll, a pasty-bald white guy with a leather fetish, and even a gaunt girl in a tattered dress and long black hair that conceals her face. Players roll a regular die to move and an “action die” adorned with a fist, knife, and pentagram, each symbol dictating whether your set loose to slay victims or under attack yourself. Gameplay moves quick and is filled with fun nods to tons of horror classics.

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